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  • I read thru the article on elevators in the NEC and I didn't fin...  more
  • Here is some related information, I have more in an excel file, ...  more
  • I would like to compensate for a three-phase motor. Can anyone t...  more
  • Any engine is going to start harder in cold weather. 
    If po...  more
  • I’m working in a building that has an Emergency Distributi...  more
  • Thanks Steve. That is right. That is something like this. I got ...  more
  • I bought the first time in my life a Generator . The g...  more
  • I think the 5s is a withstand rating (5 seconds). ...  more
  • Hello everyone, 
    Just would like to know regarding "5s for ...  more
  • See the UL Guide to Molded Case Circuit Breakers.
    http://www.ul....  more
  • Yes, that is right, that is what I know as anti-pumping circuit....  more
  • thank you Jaun and Alex for this info.
    @Alex: nice to see...  more
  • Regarding to 2-pole, 3-pole breakers or switches, and 5-pole 3-p...  more
  • Hi, Hameed, I replied your email on last 13 November to zone4inf...  more
  • No, you will hear about 2,3,4 poles for three phase circuits (2 ...  more
  • If you put only a 4x400A CB at the origin, when the current is 1...  more
    Yes, you have 4 lines of ...  more
  • Three loads are supplied from a transformer through parallel lin...  more
  • Thank you everyone.
    one more question, regarding to 2 pole, 3 po...  more

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